Op-ed on union power decried as ‘racist’

Groups call on Pioneer Institute’s Charles Chieppo to resign A FOUR-MONTH-OLD opinion piece published in CommonWealth is igniting fresh controversy. On Friday, a group of [...]

We did it! No expansion of the Single Sales Factor corporate tax break!

Since March, labor and community groups have raised our voices together against a tax break expansion for multi-state corporations in the Commonwealth. Billionaire corporations and their lobby [...]

The story of water: Who controls the way we drink?

When corporations take control of public water systems, they put profit over people. Watch The Story of Water: Who Controls the Way We Drink? to see how cities across the United States are coming [...]

Protesters urge Harvard to divest from Baupost Group

WGBH: Massachusetts Parents United: Old Wine in an Empty Bottle

This content was written by Maurice Cunningham and originally published on the WGBHMassPoliticsProfs blog. Mom and pop education organizations in Massachusetts seem to crop up just as fast as [...]

The Privatization Playbook

Right-wing special interest groups’ privatization scheme to underfund public services causes funding gaps in education, healthcare and public transportation, impacting vital public [...]

ITPI’s statement addressing the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan

Last week In the Public Interest issued a statement addressing the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan. The statement by Donald Cohen, Executive Director of ITPI, criticized the plan [...]