Weekly Update: Let us rebuild our communities together

Dear friends and allies, During this past week, we saw a number of actions fighting to ensure that our communities recover safely from the impact of COVID-19. From guaranteed housing [...]

Weekly Update: Let us take back the narrative

Dear friends and allies, It is time we take back the narrative of “reopenings.” Our legislators are determining the well-being of our communities and we need to ensure that they hear our voices. [...]

Commentary: Fidelity Charitable should stop facilitating funding to organizations espousing racism

Recently, Abigail Johnson, the CEO of Fidelity Investments, wrote a LinkedIn post stating that she is “heartbroken and angry that racial discrimination and inequality continue to plague our [...]

Santander poised to profit from online used car lending, despite track record of predatory loans

Boston-based Santander Bank’s automotive financing arm recently agreed to a more than half a billion dollar settlement in a case brought by 33 states and the District of Columbia over predatory [...]

Boston Herald: Boston Community Groups Assemble Wellness Kits

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many communities in Boston were facing difficulties with safe housing, finding good jobs, caring for family members, and staying healthy. This has only gotten [...]

Weekly Update: When We Fight, We Win

Dear friends and allies, When we fight, we win! That is what we learned when the Trump administration rescinded its blatant attack on international students who were being forced to choose [...]

Commentary: Public transportation workers always play vital roles

Public transit is a public good. And while our public transit systems have been sapped dry by austerity budgeting at the state and federal levels, workers within the state’s beleaguered [...]

Weekly Update: Our fight has just begun

Dear friends and allies, For the past few months, we have fought and won many protections for our workers and families. As Massachusetts looks to its third phase reopening, we must remember that [...]

Weekly Update: Let us fight for equality

Dear friends and allies, Our partners and allies are working tirelessly toward a #JustRecovery for all from COVID-19, and we continue to work alongside them to ensure that all workers are treated [...]

Liberty Mutual’s Two-Faced Strategy in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Does Liberty Mutual, the global insurance company headquartered in Boston, really want to help those suffering from the pandemic’s economic fallout? On one hand, the $43 billion corporation has [...]