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We stand with the Black community against systemic racism and police brutality. As we in the labor movement like to say, “an injury to one is an injury to us all.” Read our full statement here. #BlackLivesMatter

Reopening Massachusetts

Massachusetts’ reopening plan should alleviate inequalities, not deepen the divide. Governor Baker’s Reopening Advisory Board contains only one public health expert and one physician, but 9 corporate executives. His plan fails to adequately address workplace safety standards, and lacks decent worker protections. To ensure a just recovery, Baker must reconsider his plan to include workers’ voices. Read more on Governor Baker’s Reopening Plan in an op-ed by Beth Kontos, the president of American Federation of Teachers-Massachusetts, and Jodi Sugerman, the executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health. 

We are calling on Governor Baker to include essential worker voices and voices of communities of color in his reopening plan. Take two minutes to sign our petition. Visit our website at macovidresponse.com for more opportunities to take action

Pandemic Profiteer Watch

Tell Legislators: No to Corporate Tax Breaks During Economic Recovery

Although Massachusetts has entered the first phase of the Governor’s controversial reopening plan, the health and economic toll of COVID-19 is far from over. We can fight corporate greed and prioritize public health and the public good. Two bills currently in the Joint Committee on Revenue, Senator Tarr’s S. 1775 and Representative Poirier’s H.2607, would extend the “Single-Tax Factor” or SSF tax break for mutual fund service corporations.The reporting date for these bills is June 16. At a time when Massachusetts needs to fund emergency pandemic needs and replace lost revenue, a corporate tax break that could cost $67 million annually would be disastrous. Take two minutes to email members of the Joint Committee on Revenue and urge them not to advance Senator Tarr’s S. 1775 or Representative Poirier’s H.2607 out of committee.


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