We Stand Together. We Struggle Together. We Support the Liberation of Black People!

Community Labor United is deeply pained by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week, just as we are pained by the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAtee and so many others — all of whom lost their lives due to systemic racism and police brutality. We know that the only way to move forward is to stand together in the fight for the liberation of Black people here and everywhere, as part of the broader struggle for the liberation of us all.  #BlackLivesMatter.  Fannie Lou Hamer, the great Mississippi Civil Rights Leader once said “nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”  In the labor movement, we rally around the cry “an injury to one is an injury to all.”  We know these sentiments to be intertwined, that the struggle for Black life and dignity is fundamental towards any movement for freedom.

In Boston, across the Commonwealth, the country and the world, people are taking to the streets in protest to demand action, not only to address the murders, but to dismantle the institutions that continue to value White life over the lives of Black, Brown and Indigineous people, that continue to value the rich over the working-class. That continues to value men over women and Queer folks. And none of these can be parsed out, separated, or disconnected. “Nobody is free until everybody is free.”  It is these institutions that thrive on racism, patriarchy, and classism and continue to oppress our people.  But it is time to break free and bring about lasting, real change in the forms of equal housing, health care, education, child care, jobs, nutrition, and public transportation for all, especially for our Black communities and all communities of color. The time for investment in our communities has never been clearer.  Across the country police budgets were set to rise while every public good and service was to be cut, and now police brutalize protesters with equipment bought on the backs of our work.

Against all these awful material realities our people have fought.  As we process and support one another through grief, anger, pain and frustration, we must remember that this is yet another opportunity to step up and speak out and fight for what is right because it is these moments of struggle that will shape the future of our communities. We support decarceration legislation H.4652 introduced by Rep. Lindsay N. Sabadosa and ask you to donate to our local BLM chapter and the Massachusetts bail fund.

We Stand Together. We Struggle Together. We Support the Liberation of Black People!

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