OP-ED: With more control, communities choose clean energy

In an op-ed published earlier this month in CommonWealth Magazine, our executive director, Darlene Lombos discussed how Community Choice Energy is allowing communities in our state to choose clean energy:

ACROSS MASSACHUSETTS, COMMUNITIES are taking control over where their energy comes from. By leveraging local bulk purchasing power, more than 100 towns and cities in the Bay State have increased the amount of renewable energy they buy each year, while at the same time producing savings for consumers.

Community Choice Energy (CCE, also known as “community choice aggregation” or “municipal aggregation”) is an important tool for communities to meet their energy needs, to make progress on their climate goals, and – according to new research – to save money. Compared to Eversource’s basic service rates for January through June 2018, communities with a CCE program will save consumers an average of nearly 20 percent, according to the Tufts Applied Economics Clinic. That’s a substantial increase from a 2 percent savings in 2017, suggesting that CCE provides not only a pathway to cleaner energy, but also long-term savings for consumers.

Read the full op-ed here.


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