Building a More Sustainable Future

Dear allies,  With the recent passing of a $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, we are hopeful that this country will make critical moves to build a sustainable future. These funds [...]

Supporting our Partners’ Efforts To Build a Better Future

Dear allies,  Leading up to Election Day, our partners were hard at work encouraging community members to cast their votes. We are proud to recognize their efforts to build a better future [...]

Ensure our voices are heard this Election Day

Dear allies,  November 2 is Election Day. We have the opportunity to elect leaders that stand with working families. Though this year may not hold a presidential election, it is equally [...]

Allocating critical resources to working families

Dear allies,  As we continue recovery efforts from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must ensure that we’re providing the necessary infrastructure for our communities to [...]

Creating a Better Future for Our Communities

Dear allies,  As we transition to a new phase of this pandemic, safety is of the utmost importance. During these challenging times, we must stand together and fight for the future we [...]

Partnership Alert: Community Labor United Partners with Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health

We are excited to announce that Community Labor United was selected by Boston Children’s Collaboration for Community Health as a funded partner. From October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2024, we [...]

Supporting our Communities in Need

Dear allies,  Massachusetts must act now to provide relief for communities in need. In the midst of this pandemic, it is crucial to come together and advocate for meaningful change. [...]

On Labor Day, continuing the fight for working families

Dear allies,  This Labor Day, we are recognizing and honoring the hard work of frontline workers across Massachusetts, who continued to show up to work as the pandemic wore on. Join us for a [...]

Prayers for Haiti and Afghanistan

Dear allies, Our world is in need of healing. On August 14, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, taking the lives of many and destroying more than 7,000 homes. On August 15, the Taliban [...]

Put the workers first

Dear allies, Along with our labor and community allies, we are calling for the estimated $5.3 billion in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to be allocated towards frontline workers, communities of [...]