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On election day, Massachusetts voters answered the call to action and said Yes on questions 1 and 4! This hard-earned victory is a testament to the power we’ve built by organizing our communities in support of a fairer tax system that funds public education and transportation, and of safer roads by enabling all qualified drivers to obtain licenses, regardless of immigration status. The outcomes of these ballot initiatives underscore the will of Massachusetts people, and bring light to our shared sense of duty to invest and care for our communities above all else. Thank you to all who put such hard work into passing these important ballot measures.

Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities and allies. Please spread the word by sharing our Facebook posts as well as following and retweeting us on Twitter. You can sign up here to receive regular updates from CLU.

In solidarity,
Community Labor United

Welcoming Ziquelle and Juwan to the CLU team
Please join us in welcoming new part-time team members, Ziquelle Smalls and Juwan Skeens! Ziquelle is joining us as a Senior Organizer, working to advance an assessment of the youth organizing field and to support the relaunching of the CLU Leadership Institute. We are also pleased to welcome Juwan as an Event Organizer, providing strategic event support to our Care That Works team as we plan ahead for the coming year. We’re incredibly excited to embark on this important work with Ziquelle and Juwan!

We’re Hiring!

CLU and our partners are seeking experienced individuals to join our teams! If you know anyone who would be a good fit, please send them our way.

NEW – Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs With Justice
NEW – Homeownership Advisory, Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
NEW – STASH Program Associate, Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance

Visit our website today to view all job opportunities:

Campaign Updates

Sign our petition urging Governor-Elect Healey to prioritize safety and a low-income fare at the MBTA
Governor-Elect Maura Healey has already voiced her support for a low-income fare and a safer MBTA! Sign our petition urging her to ensure these priorities are reflected in her first budget as Governor. 

To sign our petition, visit Public Transit Public Good.

Care That Works coalition rewarded $700K grant from Wu Administration
“We are grateful for this grant from the Office of Early Childhood to strengthen and grow our network of child care providers and support working-class parents on pathways into the unionized construction industry and other family-sustaining careers. The Care That Works Pilot is guided by a vision of a child care system founded not on the exploitation of those who provide care, but on their empowerment. These resources are a win not only for working-class parents, but also for all the child care workers fighting for their labor to be honored not as a commodity or as charity but as a collective responsibility.

“Our deepest gratitude goes to City Councilor At-Large Julia Mejia, who introduced and championed this funding for our coalition and is committed to the ongoing work to unleash the support that so many families need. With this grant, we have the means to build toward workforce equity in our construction industry and our care economy both.”

Boston Open House: Learn about the $106 million investment toward homeownership projects in Boston
The Mayor’s Office of Housing is hosting an open house this Saturday, November 19 to share how the $106 million investment for homeownership will be used for building new affordable homes, expanding down payment assistance, and more! We encourage all to take advantage of this educational opportunity, and to learn about your housing options in Boston.

In Case You Missed It

No Eastie Substation!
The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) recently released a tentative decision regarding the East Boston Substation, and announced its approval for Eversource to bypass the 14 remaining environmental permits it needs in order to undertake the electricity project. This decision is a huge hit to environmental justice communities in Chelsea and East Boston who have voiced their concerns about the project, and have fought hard to establish environmental protections. We are disheartened by the tentative decision of the EFSB, and stand in solidarity with East Boston communities in their fight. Eastie Substation should not be an exception to the rule!

Learn more from our partners at GreenRoots and the Conservation Law Foundation at WBUR.

New report: How community responses to COVID in the Boston area are building new infrastructures of care and engagement
Our partners at GreenRoots, Chinese Progressive Association, New England United for Justice, La Colaborativa, and more participated in a community action research project with Tufts UEP to explore how community-based organizations (CBOs) adapted their organizing and community engagement approaches during COVID-19. The report found that while CBOs faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, they played a critical role as first responders, using their deep connections and relationships to coordinate collaborative responses to the impacts of the pandemic. CBOs became a vital bridge between the most vulnerable and government, funders, and larger social service agencies, resulting in helping meet the needs of more than 10,000 families weekly. From working to make COVID testing and vaccines more accessible, to providing greater access to housing assistance, employment opportunities, language services, and more, CBOs showed up when our communities needed them most. Learn more about the report’s findings here.

Boston University graduate workers announce a vote for their union!
This week, Boston University graduate workers announced that they will vote for their union with SEIU Local 509. With this vote, approximately 3,000 graduate workers would become members of Local 509, creating a pathway toward bargaining with the University. BU graduate workers are fighting for living wages, workload protections, improvements to healthcare coverage, better housing and living conditions, and more. From organizing co-workers to getting petition signatures, grad workers have worked hard to build strong worker power – now it’s time to show up and vote for their bargaining right!

“Organizing alongside my co-workers has been incredibly inspiring,” says Alex Lion, a graduate worker in the Biology department. “We’ve built a campaign that centers worker voices and makes our priorities clear. Now, it’s time to channel that power and solidarity into voting yes for our union and make sure BU knows we’re united in our fight for workers’ rights.”

Learn more about this important union vote for Boston University graduate workers at SEIU Local 509.

Solidarity with fast food workers on strike across California
Fast food workers are on strike in Los Angeles and across the state to fight the industry’s efforts to block a landmark labor law, AB 257: The Fast Food Recovery Act, from going into effect. The new law would protect fast food workers by establishing a council with the power to set minimum working standards for fast food restaurants, including wages up to $22/hour. Fast food workers in California have been fighting for a seat at the table and a living wage for a long time, and are standing up and speaking out against multinational corporations who have gained exponential profits at the expense of their workers and California communities. We must hold billionaire corporations accountable!

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