Working people rise to power

Dear allies, Every year on May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, we stand in solidarity with workers all over the country to demand that working families have access to fair wages, [...]

Action Alert: Demand flexible child care for MA residents

The pandemic has exposed the inequalities in our state’s child care system. Low-income communities and communities of color — especially Black and Latinx mothers, women of color who own small [...]

Our fight is not over

Dear allies, The events of this last week have put our shared goals and the need to organize in our communities, into sharp focus. Corporate Interference in Our Lives We’d like to [...]

Demand that the MA Legislature Make Our Public Transit Systems Equitable and Accessible

Riders and workers are the lifeblood of our public transit systems. We must ensure that Massachusetts’ public transit systems are affordable, equitable and accessible, and meet the needs of [...]

Celebrating the change in our communities

Dear allies, From the FMCB promising to reverse the MBTA cuts to the vote count beginning in the Alabama Amazon workers’ union drive, the past two weeks have seen important [...]