Action Alert: Demand flexible child care for MA residents

The pandemic has exposed the inequalities in our state’s child care system. Low-income communities and communities of color — especially Black and Latinx mothers, women of color who own small child care businesses, and grandparents and other informal caregivers — have all disproportionately borne the brunt of the public health and economic crises.

With the American Rescue Plan funding, our leaders have a unique opportunity to match child tax credits offered by this funding and support our families and caregivers in need. Our leaders must prioritize the needs of our families and care providers who have picked up the buck and continue to provide essential caregiving services while our state’s child care system lags. 

Join the Care That Works coalition to demand that our MA legislators fund flexible child care and provide much-needed financial support to our families.

Child care in MA is more expensive than almost anywhere else. Our families and caregivers deserve a publicly-funded universal child care system to serve our care needs. One step to getting there is flexible child care NOW. Sign the petition today!

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