Weekly Update: Through these protests and uprisings, we must build a new world

Dear allies and supporters,

As the Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, we are proud to stand alongside our brothers and sisters who are fighting to eliminate systemic inequalities in our society. Long before COVID-19 ravaged our world, Black Americans have suffered through structural racism that has deeply affected their families and communities. As we regain our footing from COVID-19, we must not return to the “normal” before this pandemic. We are encouraged by our labor partners, who recently released this video statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign. Together, we must create and enter a new world — a world where we all live as equals. 

On one hand, we are alarmed by the lack of paid sick time, PPE, and other protections for workers as they re-enter the workforce. On the other, we are disgusted by corporations trying to make profits off of the back of these workers. We hope that you will take action using the tools below to stand with workers and against these corporations.

“We will march against police brutality and against any new jails. We will show up in the streets for homes for all, health care for all and good jobs for all.” Click here to watch the video.


MBTA Racial Justice & Police Brutality Petition

As riders and leaders of organizations that represent MBTA riders and advocate for equity on the T, we are deeply concerned about the Baker administration and the MBTA’s actions on and after the evening of Sunday, May 31.

We are grateful the MBTA has discontinued the practice of utilizing MBTA buses to transport police officers (other than MBTA police) to and from demonstrations against systemic racism and police brutality. We thank the Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) members for their decisive directive to cease using T buses to transport police officers or demonstrators placed under arrest. We also thank the MBTA General Manager for working to comply quickly.

While this is a positive first step, there is still much work to be done. Transit is a public good and necessity at all times. The T must remain a safe and reliable provider of access for all, whether through the course of a public health crisis or during lawful protests. Freedom of movement is a human right.

Sign our petition to advance racial equity and hold police accountable within the transit system. And raise your voice for justice by submitting testimony for the next FMCB meeting on Monday, June 15. Testimony can be submitted by email to publiccomment@dot.state.ma.us or by calling 857-368-1655 before 11 am Monday. More information on the next FMCB meeting is available here

Prioritize Emergency Paid Sick Time Now!

Essential workers across Massachusetts right now have been going to work throughout the COVID-19 crisis without the basic economic protection of guaranteed paid sick time. Hundreds of thousands of workers in our Commonwealth are left out of the federal Coronavirus response package, and may have been forced to make a decision between going to work while sick, or losing the pay they need to make ends meet.

For the 10 days of guaranteed, job-protected paid sick time, Raise Up Massachusetts is hosting 10 Days of Action. Email your legislators now. Share the petition with your friends, family, and social networks. Interact with and promote the 10 Days of Action campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Tell Legislators: No to Corporate Tax Breaks During Economic Recovery

Although Massachusetts has entered the first phase of the Governor’s controversial reopening plan, the health and economic toll of COVID-19 is far from over. We can fight corporate greed and prioritize public health and the public good. Two bills currently in the Joint Committee on Revenue would extend the “Single-Tax Factor” or SSF tax break for mutual fund service corporations. The reporting date for these bills is June 16. At a time when Massachusetts needs to fund emergency pandemic needs and replace lost revenue, a corporate tax break that could cost $67 million annually would be disastrous. Take two minutes to email members of the Joint Committee on Revenue and urge them not to advance these bills out of committee.


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