Weekly Update: Join essential workers in their fight for a safe workplace

Dear allies and supporters,

As we move toward a comprehensive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to be awestruck by the grit and hard work of our essential workers. We applaud them for their service and stand with them in their fight to get the needed PPE for themselves and their colleagues. 

This week, we highlight those fights and hope that you will stand in solidarity with us and our front-line health care workers.

Together, we can achieve a just recovery from the pandemic for all of our communities. You can help us promote these updates by sharing our Facebook posts or by following and retweeting us on Twitter. Also, sign up on our website for regular updates.

Sign the Petition to the Governor:

Essential workers — from health care to transit to grocery workers — are risking their health to continue to serve the Commonwealth. But they, along with communities of color and nursing home residents, are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, none of these groups are represented in Governor Baker’s Advisory Board for reopening the Massachusetts economy, which includes only 17 members, more than half of which are corporate executives. Only 3 are health experts. This imbalanced Board cannot be counted on to offer an adequate reopening plan. 

We are calling on Governor Baker to ensure that all ongoing discussions of Massachusetts’ COVID-19 response and recovery include robust representation of labor, communities of color, seniors, and public health experts from across the State.

Take two minutes to sign our petition. Visit our website at macovidresponse.com for more opportunities to take action

Take Action in Solidarity with workers at UMass Lowell

The way through this crisis is not austerity, it is through centering people over profit. Weeks ago, UMASS Lowell deemed its workers “essential” and forced them to work in dangerous conditions. 

And now, although funding is available, they are “expendable.” The University refuses to bargain in good faith.

How we move during this pandemic should be about protecting each other.

Please take action to support these workers in their struggle.
#EssentialNotExpendable #solidarity #1u #UMassUnionsUnited

Protect Manufacturing and Factory Workers during COVID-19 Emergency

We were inspired by GE workers in Lynn (members of IUE-CWA Local 201) who protested for safer working conditions and demanded that they produce PPE for other front-line workers. We are honored to support them in their fight. Click here to demand worker protections.

If there is a topic we should feature in our weekly communications, please email Lindsay McCluskey at lindsay@massclu.org.  

Thank you for reading!

In Solidarity,

Community Labor United

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