Lisa ClausonInterim Executive Director

    Lisa began her career organizing in lower-income communities in Chicago and then Boston. In 2005, she was recruited by the Greater Boston Labor Council and the national AFL-CIO to found CLU. She began by working with local community organizations and unions, all organizing lower-wage workers, to build a common vision and organizing strategy for the coalition with a goal of bringing together unions and community organizations in joint campaigns. Lisa spent 7 years running CLU, the last few years she Co-Directed CLU with Darlene Lombos who currently runs the Greater Boston Labor Council and is CLU’s Board Chair.

    After leaving CLU, Lisa spent 11 years organizing with UNITE HERE Local 26 (hotel and food service workers) and the Carpenters Union. At both unions, Lisa’s work included moving and assisting in organizing campaigns to expand the unions’ membership bases, connecting with community and political allies to support the unions’ organizing, leadership development, and growing the unions’ work and connections with lower-income communities of color.

    Lisa returns to CLU as its interim director and will assist in the hiring and transition of a new Executive Director.

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