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Along with our labor and community allies, we are calling for the estimated $5.3 billion in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to be allocated towards frontline workers, communities of color, and low-income communities. The ARP funds were distributed to help those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, essential workers are still facing financial struggles while the large corporations continue to rake in profits. We applaud the Massachusetts legislature for initiating a transparent process in disbursing the ARPA funds, and now we need to ensure the funds are distributed equitably and efficiently to those on the frontlines. 

Take a minute to read more about our budgetary recommendations and sign our email action demanding M.A. legislature put the frontline first.

ICYMI: Watch Executive Director Lee Matsueda discuss the importance of a plan for the ARP funds that puts frontline workers first and foremost. View the interview here.

We are also committed to fighting for the rights of gig workers. Gig workers like rideshare and delivery drivers — also called “on-demand workers” — play a growing and vital role in our state economy. Like all workers, they deserve basic protections including living wages, strong safety standards, and paid sick time. While massive corporations are aiming to cut costs and avoid paying workers their fair share, we are standing together to ensure that these corporations don’t bring their bad policies to Massachusetts. ​​Learn more about the Coalition to Protect Workers’ Rights here.

We are saddened by the recent news and loss of President Richard Trumka. As a leader who dedicated his life to fighting for workers’ rights, his work with the AFL-CIO has touched so many lives. We are grateful for his lasting impact on the labor movement and send our deepest condolences to his family.

Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities. Please spread the word by sharing our Facebook posts as well as following and retweeting us on Twitter. You can sign up to receive regular updates from CLU.

Welcome, our newest CLU member!

Special congratulations to Deputy Director Lindsay McCluskey and her family on the birth of Baby Luisa! 

Massachusetts needs a state Child Tax Credit for kids 0-12.
After COVID-19, many parents lost their jobs to care for kids, especially in Black, brown, and low-income communities with many essential workers and high transmission rates. Now is the time to create a $600-per-child Massachusetts Child Tax Credit. Massachusetts just got $5 billion from the American Rescue Plan. The tax credit would cost $700 million per year.  The expanded federal child tax credit provides $250 to $300 monthly per child. The Massachusetts Child Tax Credit would add $50 monthly per child on top of that. Visit our website for more information. Join the Care That Works coalition to demand that our MA legislators fund flexible child care and provide much-needed financial support to our families. Sign the petition today!

Call/Email Your Legislator!
Riders and workers across Massachusetts deserve representation on the MBTA Board, and a low-income fare that enables us to equitably access and afford our public transit systems. Call and email your legislator, and urge them to support better public transit for riders and workers across the state. 

SIGN NOW: The Boston City Council and the Mayor must take bold action on clean and healthier buildings and jobs in the City of Boston.
Join us in asking our elected officials to pass a reinforced and updated Building Emissions Performance Standard (BEPS) ordinance that will invest in our community, create good jobs and lessen the impact of storms, flooding, and warming temperatures. Sign the petition today!

Tell Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, and Environmental Secretary Katie Theohorides to act on energy justice today! 
State programs, like Mass Save, which are designed to work with residents and businesses to improve their energy efficiency, have failed to service many of the people most in need. Sign the petition to urge Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, and Environmental Secretary Katie Theohorides to reject any plan that doesn’t center the needs of environmental justice and low-income communities, and increase access and remove barriers for the underserved and language isolated communities across the state.

Join us and the Coalition to Protect Workers’ Rights for a press event on Wednesday, August 11 to showcase our opposition to the Uber ballot measure that might allow tech giants to pay workers less than minimum wage, make no contribution to unemployment or Social Security, and remove app-based workers from legal protections against workplace injuries, sexual harassment, and discrimination. View More Perfect Union’s campaign video to learn more about the fight.

Save the Date
Wednesday, August 11 at 10 a.m.

Housing is a human right! MA Legislature must pass COVID-19 Housing Equity bill.

A hearing on the COVID-19 Housing Equity bill has been scheduled for Thursday, August 12 at 1:00 pm. This bill would provide critical protection against eviction and foreclosure to the over 100,000 MA tenants and homeowners currently behind on housing payments and at risk of displacement. Take action:

Learn more at Homes for All Mass.

Thank you for reading and taking action.

In Solidarity,
Community Labor United

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