OP-ED: Inaction on environmental justice has consequences

Inaction on environmental justice has consequences
By Khalida Smalls
CommonWealth Magazine
July 27, 2018

Inaction on environmental justice will only further morph into long-term consequences for our communities.

While our Environmental Justice (H.2913/S.426) and Solar Access (H.3396) bills didn’t pass this legislative session, that’s exactly why we’re committed to keep fighting for solar access and environmental justice. Come September 4th, we need to elect the right decision-makers to represent us on Beacon Hill.

Read more from Director of Organizing Khalida Smalls in Commonwealth Magazine.

THERE’S AN OLD SAYING in politics: elections have consequences. Well, inaction has consequences, too. And every day that Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, Sen. Karen Spilka, and their Ways and Means colleagues fail to rein in pollution and recognize that environmental consciousness is growing is another day that our most vulnerable residents are left breathing dirty air.

Read the full op-ed here.


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