Hundreds Tell Beacon Bill: Stop Wage Theft Now

Hundreds of us marched on Beacon Hill last week with a clear message for lawmakers: No more victims. No more excuses. Stop wage theft now.

“Every day there are 1,000 victims of the wage theft epidemic, and there’s one solution to stop it. The math, morals, and urgency couldn’t be clearer,” called out Isabel Gonzalez-Webster, Community Labor United’s Director of Capacity Building, from the steps of the State House.

We heard from brave wage theft victims like Jorge Estrada, who spoke out about his experience while calling on the legislature to act. “Stop standing up for criminals over hard-working men and women! We’re here today to collect what we’re owed!” he said.

And thanks to our efforts, the Senate listened, unanimously passing bi-partisan legislation to crack down on dishonest employers once and for all.

Now it’s on the House to act.

Tell your Representative to bring S.2574 to a vote and stand up for working families before the end of the session.

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