Honoring catalysts for positive change in our communities

Dear allies, 

Thank you to our many friends and supporters who were able to attend the Salt of the Earth Awards this week. It was an evening of hope and deep appreciation for our shared vision, as Executive Director Lee Matsueda shared in his remarks:

We must recognize one of the biggest challenges we face today – the few continue to hold power over the many. But we imagine a different vision, one of solidarity, one of resistance, one of a brighter day. We carry a vision that is a multiracial democracy powered by abundance – not austerity – by radical inclusion, freedom and self-determination, and meaningful work that is valued and that allows people to live with dignity.

In pursuit of that vision, we work to create the world we know is possible and the world we want to see. That’s why we organize, we build our power, we strategize. We see this solidarity and this vision reflected in our campaigns, in the efforts of our partners’ fights, and in the awardees we honor today [at the Salt of the Earth Awards]. These are truly individuals who have been catalysts for positive change in our communities.

The 2022 Salt of the Earth awardees include:
• The Honorable Martin J. Walsh
• Adrian Madaro, State Representative 1st Suffolk
• Building Pathways
• The City School

It’s not too late to help us reach our fundraising goal! Community Labor United’s work of bringing together many of the strongest community organizations and unions in the state has only grown stronger during this pandemic. 

Now is the time to continue building a stronger movement for worker power and for racial, gender, and economic justice. We are very close to reaching our fundraising goal for 2022 and invite you to make a donation to our campaigns via our website. If you would like to continue contributing to our campaigns, we urge you to set up a recurring donation. Together, we can create the future our communities deserve. 

Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities and allies. Please spread the word by sharing our Facebook posts as well as following and retweeting us on Twitter. You can sign up here to receive regular updates from CLU.

In solidarity,
Community Labor United

A special thank you and well wishes!
Please join us in sharing a heartfelt thank you and special farewell to Lindsay McCluskey. Lindsay’s work has had a profound impact on the communities we serve, on the future of child care, and the trajectory in our collective movement work. The impact of her work is everlasting, and it has been our pleasure to work with Lindsay. We are very excited to see what the future has in store for her! 

We’re Hiring!

CLU and our partners are seeking experienced individuals to join our teams! If you know anyone who would be a good fit, please send them our way.

NEW – Executive Director, Massachusetts Voter Table

Visit our website today to view all job opportunities: MassCLU.org/Careers.

Campaign Updates

Safety risks, service cuts, and inequitable transit costs
MBTA workers and riders are standing together to call for safety and affordability on the MBTA. Today, we face unacceptable safety risks on the job and while using the system. The Baker Administration and MBTA management must listen to riders and workers and swiftly respond to recent FTA safety directives. At the same time, we’re calling on Beacon Hill to pass a low-income fare. This highly popular measure would put $50 million a year back in the pockets of riders, bolstering mobility and prosperity throughout the MBTA region.  

Email your MA senator and representative NOW to tell them that a low-income fare must be a priority!

Follow @PTPGCoalition on Twitter to stay updated with the latest information.

In Case You Missed It!

City Life / Vida Urbana leads new East Boston affordable housing effort, the first of its kind on the East Coast
Our partners at City Life / Vida Urbana (CLVU) are leading the way on affordable housing in Massachusetts and across the East Coast! In coordination with the East Boston Community Development Corporation (EBCDC), CLVU is working to acquire a group of 114 units of housing in East Boston to keep them affordable. With their leadership, Boston could be the first city east of the Mississippi River to pioneer a model that allows a trust of organizations to develop, own, and operate multifamily buildings, and preserve them for affordable housing. This historic development combines innovation, creativity, and courage to restabilize a housing landscape that has been rapidly destabilized by corporate real estate developers.

“The group has been consulting with East Boston CDC and housing advocacy group City Life/Vida Urbana on the project since January pro bono. The new model’s process is different than your typical community development corporation buying a property, as it involves an entire trust of neighborhood organizations buying, owning and operating the space. The Mixed-Income Neighborhood Trust model was developed by Trust Neighborhoods in 2019 as a new tool for housing development.”

Read more about this historic housing justice development at GBH.

Alternatives for Community & Environment take action on climate resiliency
Our partners at Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) are continuing their air quality campaign to install air quality sensors in Roxbury, Massachusetts. ACE gathers and monitors the data in the neighborhoods where we live, work and play to determine sources of dirty air.

Climate resiliency is vital to the future of all neighborhoods in Boston, and this campaign is an important step to address the air quality crisis in environmental justice communities who are most impacted by this issue. Clean air is essential to health, and everyone deserves to be protected from dangerous pollution no matter where they live.

For information on this valuable program visit Alternatives for Community & Environment, or contact Emmanuel@ace-ej.org.

BPS teachers and parents rally against state intervention
On Tuesday, Boston parents, students, and teachers showed up for our school communities and rallied against state intervention and the school receivership system at the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s meeting in Malden. It is as clear as ever that community solutions and authentic partnerships are more effective than the top-down bureaucratic method that has had a longstanding stronghold over our education system. We need a public school system created by and for folks who are directly involved on the ground in our schools every day. 

The city of Boston and Boston Public Schools recently announced their partnership to improve the longstanding issues at the Boston Public Schools. 

“Educators, parents, families and students have been advocating for the solutions we know our school communities have needed for years, and it is time now to redirect our energy, time and resources from fending off ill-conceived power plays into making those local democratic solutions a reality,” said Boston Teachers Union President, Jessica Tang.

Learn more about the recent deal at NBC 10.

Join us in celebrating the Chelsea community with a free benefit concert!
The Greater Boston Labor Council (GBLC) will celebrate amazing leaders and workers from the Chelsea community with a family-friendly concert featuring award-winning trumpeter Charlie Sepúlveda this Wednesday, July 6. Special guests to include worker warriors fighting wage theft! All proceeds from the concert will go to supporting the work of La Colaborativa, Community Action Programs Inter-City Inc, and the Chelsea Black Community Coalition.

We invite you to join GBLC in raising funds to benefit the community of Chelsea. Please consider donating or filling out this sponsorship form to help GBLC reach their goal and celebrate the Chelsea community!

Summer Celebration
Wednesday, July 6 | 4 p.m.
Across from 63 Sixth Street, Chelsea, MA, 02150
(Parking lot under the bridge)

Take action: Stand up against wage theft!
Our communities have fought hard for workers’ rights, fair conditions, and equitable pay, but many workers across our state and country are still facing wage theft. All workers deserve to be paid fairly for their labor, no exceptions. Wage theft impacts thousands of people annually, and we have an opportunity to make a difference. Today, workers across the Massachusetts Building Trades Unions are fighting to support legislation that addresses this serious issue. Together, we can help ensure that this bill makes its way to the House for a vote.

Join workers across the Massachusetts Building Trades Unions and stand up against wage theft by calling your state representative and sharing this important message. Be sure to provide your name, address, and the following: “Please urge Speaker Mariano to bring Wage Theft to the House floor for a vote.”

 Please click this link to find details for your state representative.

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