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Dear friends,

The recent Thanksgiving holiday looked different for many family gatherings across Massachusetts, and for nonprofit organizations and unions continuing our work to help local communities in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But even in these challenging times, we can find hope in the work being done and the promise of brighter times ahead.

The results of this November’s elections offer hope of renewed activism and policies to support working families. Due to the tireless efforts of a broad coalition of unions, nonprofit groups, young people, urban and suburban voters we have a chance to make a real difference. We are dedicated to continuing this work in the months ahead.

On November 19, we held a large rolling rally in downtown Boston to oppose deep service cuts and layoffs at the MBTA, which would have devastating impacts on working families and local communities. Activists have also kept up the pressure by turning out in force at meetings of the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board. You too can take action by clicking here. 

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Congratulations to our decades-long partner, Lisa Owens, for her new role as the Executive Director of the Hyams Foundation. For years, we have collaborated with the Hyams Foundation to move our fights forward and they have been critical to our success. We are proud to have worked with Lisa during her time at City Life/Vida Urbana, and are looking forward to working with her at the Hyams Foundation. We know that with Lisa’s leadership, we will continue to elevate and propel our communities into the future we deserve. 

10 Reasons to Oppose MBTA Cuts

(1) Public transit is a public good. Secretary of Transportation Pollock and some MBTA officials have suggested that it is not worth the cost to run public transit if ridership is low. Secretary Pollack has suggested that public transit’s “business model” is no longer working. But what these officials misunderstand is that public transit is not a business, it is a public good. Public goods are provided for the benefit or well-being of the public, not for profit. Although ridership is down, the MBTA continues to provide benefits to all of us. Read the full list on why opposing MBTA cuts will create an equitable, safe and reliable transit system for our communities.

After a historic election, a historic surge of resistance to police brutality, amidst a global pandemic and all it has brought, we are in a moment in time unlike any other. From school, to work, to how we care for our children, to how we socialize, our ways of living life are shifting, but who gets to decide how they shift?

The MA COVID-19 Response Alliance (MCRA) is a coalition of labor unions and community organizing groups who believe that the people should shape the world we live in, not corporations. To do that, we need to build connection in a time of alienation, the way that history shows us works: ORGANIZING

Join us for a discussion this Sunday, December 6, from 4-5:30 p.m. on understanding this moment in history and the movement being built in MA to win the world we deserve. 

Support Seniors: Close the SNAP Gap and Expand MSP!

Massachusetts tops the nation for elder economic insecurity. Right now, hundreds of thousands of low-income individuals across Massachusetts may be going hungry tonight because they don’t know they are eligible for SNAP. The SNAP Gap is the difference between the number of low-income Massachusetts residents receiving MassHealth who are likely SNAP-eligible and the number of people receiving SNAP. Join the Mass Senior Action Council by reaching out to your local State representatives to support Rep Ultrino’s amendment to expand the MSP to those at 200% of the federal poverty line. Sign the petition here

Contact your legislators for the Guaranteed Housing Stability Act!
HELP WIN THE GUARANTEED HOUSING STABILITY ACT – HD.5018 in the Massachusetts State House. Tens of thousands of families across Massachusetts will be at risk of eviction when our State’s eviction moratorium expires. This bill will prevent a massive surge of unjust evictions and foreclosures due to COVID-related debt, avoid hikes of rent and no-fault evictions as we recover from COVID-19, and help establish a Housing Stability & Recovery Fund to relieve small business owners. Here is how you can take action:

Thank you for reading and taking action!

In Solidarity,
Community Labor United

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