Weekly Update: Community Labor United joins MA COVID-19 Response Coalition

Dear allies,

As we weather these unprecedented times, we hope you are well and staying safe. At Community Labor United (CLU), we are proud to stand in solidarity with our partners and continue to work hard to ensure the most vulnerable in our communities are healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We know that the only way to prevail through the outbreak is to stay together and to stay connected. 

To that end, we are introducing weekly emails to share updates on our campaigns, resources, and opportunities to take action. You can help us promote these updates to your network by sharing our Facebook posts or by following and retweeting us on our new Twitter handle. You can receive regular updates from CLU by signing up on our website


Most recently, we joined the Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Coalition (MCRC) which is calling for a people-centered approach to COVID-19 response from Beacon Hill. 

The coronavirus pandemic has left our state vulnerable and without structure. There are more than a dozen urgent steps that we must take to address the short-term and long-term issues Massachusetts is facing. Now is the time for communities to support one another. If your organization wants to sign on or wants to get involved with our work, please contact Lindsay McCluskey at lindsay@massclu.org. For a full list of policies visit macovidresponse.com

Resource Spotlight: 

Donate to support Chelsea residents:
Chelsea has emerged as a hotspot for COVID-19 cases. Leaders from the Chelsea Collaborative and GreenRoots share more about what is happening in the community in this story from WBUR. Please consider donating to The One Chelsea Fund through the United Way. Any and ALL funds raised will go directly to Chelsea families impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. None of the dollars raised will go to any organization and NO fees will be incurred. ALL Chelsea families will be eligible for a $250 gift card/cash benefit directly from the funds raised through The One Chelsea Fund.

MassCOSH COVID-19 Toolkit for Essential Workers:
MassCOSH has developed a COVID-19 Toolkit for Essential Workers: Health and Safety Protections and How to Make them Happen. It was created (in record time!) by some of the amazing leaders and occupational health experts in our Health Tech Committee. With OSHA mostly missing in action, this toolkit was designed to help workers know their rights, understand what health and safety protections they should be provided, and to give workers tools to take collective action. Please share the toolkit with anyone who you think would benefit from it – and use this handy link to share it on Facebook!

Corporate Corner: Take Action!

“When there’s blood in the streets, buy property.”

Workers and community members are stepping up to care for each other and fight for basics like food, safety, and fair pay. Meanwhile, some of the top 1 percent have already shown their priority is protecting their own money — check out LittleSis’ blog post profiling some of these profiteers, including Seth Klarman of the Boston-based Baupost Group.  

You can help find and expose the biggest pandemic profiteers here in Massachusetts. The Public Good campaign is hosting a (remote) Corporate Power Research Party on Tuesday, April 21 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and basic Google search skills. Please save the date and get a ticket. It is a free event!

Take Action Against Corporate Tax Breaks
Working families and front-line workers are impacted the most during COVID-19. We need our legislators to take the lead and dedicate essential funds to our communities. Currently, there are two bills in the Joint Committee on Revenue Senator Tarr’s S. 1775 and Representative Poirier’s H.2607, still under consideration that would give massive tax breaks to wealthy corporations — and we have the opportunity to speak out against them.

We need our legislators to know that Massachusetts residents do not support this measure to line the pockets of wealthy corporations as our working families are suffering. For more information on the Single Sales Factor tax break, click here.

If there is something you think we should feature in our weekly communications, please email Lindsay McCluskey at lindsay@massclu.org.  

Thank you for reading!

In Solidarity,

Community Labor United

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