Brave Enough To Be It

Dear friends,

This past week, we witnessed a momentous day in our country’s history — Joseph R. Biden’s swearing-in as the nation’s 46th President and our country’s first Black and Asian American female Vice President, Kamala Harris. As the day continued, we watched 17 executive orders signed, bringing our country back into the Paris Climate Accord, ending the Muslim Travel Ban, and a much-needed extension of the eviction moratorium. As the new administration took office, we saw that the promise of an uplifting, diverse America can and should be reflected in our country’s executive branch as well. We are encouraged by the progressive policies at the forefront of this administration and acknowledge that there is much work to be done. We will keep a close eye on the White House, the new democratically held Senate majority, and all of our elected officials to champion the fights we hold dear. 

In the words of Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in our country’s history, “The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” In this new chapter of our country’s history, CLU commits to continue our fight to “rebuild, reconcile, and recover” from this unprecedented time in our nation and never stop looking for the light. One of our ongoing fights, a transit system that works for all, urgently needs more public funding. Low-income communities and communities of color need the support of policymakers to keep our transit system safe, affordable, and accessible. Thank you for supporting our fights and being involved. 

If you are able, consider donating to help fund our work in the upcoming year. No donation is too small and vital in our efforts to fight for racial and gender justice, climate justice, food and housing justice, and greater equality for all in the Commonwealth. 

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Appointment of Jamey L. Tesler as the acting MassDOT Secretary

Public Transit Public Good, a coalition of transit workers and riders throughout Massachusetts, convened by Community Labor United, recognizes the departure of Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack for her new role as Deputy Administrator Federal Highway Administration and the temporary appointment of Jamey L. Tesler as Acting Secretary. We look forward to working with Acting Secretary Tesler and hope to come together on the issues affecting transit workers and riders.

As they begin identifying a new permanent Secretary of Transportation, the Baker-Polito administration has the opportunity to choose a new direction for transportation policy in Massachusetts. We urge the Baker-Polito administration to select a leader who prioritizes the needs of working people, low-income communities and communities of color, and our threatened environment.

Read the full statement here. Visit to learn more.  

Town Hall: Child Care and COVID-19
This past week, alongside many of our partners, we participated in a town hall specifically for frontline childcare workers to speak on the best strategies to stay safe during the pandemic. As the Massachusetts Department of Public Health recently announced there are over 312 clusters of COVID-19 cases in child care settings, it was vital to lay out some groundwork for how our child care workers can keep themselves and their families safe while working in person. During the event, we discussed whether paid time off would be available for workers, guidance on how to proceed if exposed to COVID-19, and what safety measures to implement in your workplace. Watch the full town hall here

GreenRoots: Disrupting Discrimination
Join our partner, GreenRoots, on January 28 at 4 p.m., as they partake in a free Zoom panel discussion on the role of community engagement and language access in building sustainable and healthy cities. To hear more about how to get involved in this critical environmental justice work, register now

January 28, 2021
4 p.m.
Register now

BTU Family Forum Series: Supporting Students With Disabilities
Next week, we are excited to join the Boston Teachers Union and City Life/ Vida Urbana to discuss educators supporting and building relationships with students with disabilities. During a school year with so much turmoil, it is more important than ever that educators and families come together to speak with one another on the best ways to support each other in their unique learning journey this year. 

January 26, 2021
7 – 8:30 P.M.
Register Today

Jobs with Justice: Taxpayer Subsidized Evictions
Jobs with Justice recently released a new report on Taxpayer Housing Evictions, exposing corporate landlords for pocketing federal subsidies and tax breaks at the expense of struggling families. Some highlights of the report show:

  • Corporate landlords received $320 million in “COVID-19 relief,” which would have been enough to cover 219,550 months of rent at the nation’s median rent ($1,463) – yet thousands of families were evicted.
  • Between 2011 and 2017, hedge funds, private equity firms, and other deep-pocketed investors snatched up more than 200,000 family homes, paying a total of $36 billion.
  • According to a study by the Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta, these large corporate landlords are more likely than smaller landlords to evict their tenants.

We must call on corporate landlords, the federal government, and our newly elected President to protect 9 million Americans who are currently struggling to pay rent in this unprecedented time. Sign the petition now telling President Biden to STRENGTHEN the eviction moratorium.

Thank you for reading and taking action!

In Solidarity,
Community Labor United

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