Christopher June ZizzamiaSenior Organizer

    Christopher June is an experienced organizer and strategist who believes that building working-class power is the key to transforming the world towards justice. They bring to CLU a deep history of building Black and Brown-led community organizing groups, centering the development of those traditionally at the margins; youth, LGBTQ folks, gender-oppressed folks, working class folks, and immigrants. They come to the CLU team after years in Educational JusticeĀ  and Criminal Justice taught them the value of coalition work and specifically the strategic need to build community-labor partnerships to make a lasting impact.

    Before organizing Christopher June could be found on roofs and in basements all over Connecticut where they spent years as a construction worker. And before that they could be found nose buried in a science fiction book or making an elaborate city with whatever was at hand. All of it – the commitment to their people, the construction, the reading, the imagination – has led them to one desire: to close the gap between what is and what can be. It is, after all, all about world-building.

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