Bianca Ortiz-WytheCare That Works Organizer

    Bianca is an activist-scholar who comes to CLU with over 10 years of experience resisting and organizing against systemic oppression. She grew up in the working-class neighborhood of Dorchester. Growing up in a bilingual, multigenerational household, she learned the importance of equity and the power that comes from community. She became politically engaged at 13 after dragging her mother from a Burger King to join a march protesting the invasion of Iraq in Copley Square. After receiving her BA from Northeastern University, Bianca worked as an organizer on issues such as truly affordable housing, single-payer healthcare, and driver’s licenses for all.

    Currently, Bianca is a doctoral student in the Public Policy department at UMass Boston. Her dissertation explores crimmigration, surveillance, and the experiences of migrant parents from Guatemala in an alternative to detention program known as Intensive Surveillance Appearance Program (ISAP).

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