Women leading us forward!

Dear allies, This Women’s History Month, and every month, we honor women’s fundamental role in our movements for a voice at work, a healthy environment, and dignified lives for all people. From [...]

Stand up, speak out, and take action

Dear allies, On November 8, voters have the opportunity to change the course of our communities’ futures with a fairer tax system that funds public education and transportation and a transit [...]

Change begins with action

Dear allies, Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities and allies. Please spread the word by sharing [...]

A stronger, more inclusive future

Dear allies,  Our public transit system is in crisis. There have been accidents, deaths, fires, understaffing, mismanagement, and now, disruptive shutdowns. Enough is enough! It’s time for [...]

Bringing back power to the people

Dear allies,  As we’re all leading the change we wish to see in our communities, we also want to elect leaders who are going to stand with working people, strengthen our movement, and fight [...]

Fighting to Enact Meaningful Change

Dear allies,  Thank you for being a supporter and being a powerful force for change. Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities [...]

Raising Our Voices For Those In Need

Dear allies,  Happy Women’s History Month! We’re proud to work with women leaders in the movement, helping to fight for transit, child care, and racial, economic, and environmental justice. [...]

Building Our Communities in 2022

Dear allies,  The cases of COVID-19 and its variants, especially Omicron, have been dramatically increasing since the beginning of 2022. On January 15, a requirement for individuals to show [...]

Building a More Sustainable Future

Dear allies,  With the recent passing of a $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill, we are hopeful that this country will make critical moves to build a sustainable future. These funds [...]

Supporting our Communities in Need

Dear allies,  Massachusetts must act now to provide relief for communities in need. In the midst of this pandemic, it is crucial to come together and advocate for meaningful change. [...]

Prayers for Haiti and Afghanistan

Dear allies, Our world is in need of healing. On August 14, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, taking the lives of many and destroying more than 7,000 homes. On August 15, the Taliban [...]

Put the workers first

Dear allies, Along with our labor and community allies, we are calling for the estimated $5.3 billion in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to be allocated towards frontline workers, communities of [...]

Put the Frontline First

Dear allies, With our country seeing another increase in COVID-19 cases – especially in Massachusetts – we need to ensure that frontline workers, low-income communities, and communities of color [...]

Reopening and Recovery

Dear allies, Summer is here and noting our state’s vaccination rates, life has returned to near normal for many. But the need for a just recovery has only become more evident. Frontline workers, [...]

Salt of the Earth Awards 2021

Dear allies, Each year, Community Labor United recognizes individuals and organizations who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the lives of working-class families in Greater [...]

Celebrating Pride Month 🌈

Dear allies, Happy Pride Month to our friends and allies of the LGBTQ+ community! We at CLU are proud to stand with our LGTBQ+ community in the fight for equal rights and calling for a more [...]

Working people rise to power

Dear allies, Every year on May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, we stand in solidarity with workers all over the country to demand that working families have access to fair wages, [...]

Our fight is not over

Dear allies, The events of this last week have put our shared goals and the need to organize in our communities, into sharp focus. Corporate Interference in Our Lives We’d like to [...]

Online Rally: Stop The MBTA Cuts

The US Congress and newly-elected Biden-Harris Administration is providing about a  billion dollars in new COVID relief aid to the MBTA as part of the historic American Rescue PlanHowever, [...]

Women’s History Month

Dear friends and allies, This Women’s History Month, we recognize and celebrate the contributions of many women who have paved the path for progress and prosperity for women all over the [...]

We need to #SavePublicTransit

Governor Baker and Lieutenant Governor Polito’s “small minded and short-sighted” transit policy is hurting low-income communities and communities of color.  Without reliable and affordable [...]

Reopening and recovery

Dear friends, Vaccinations, school reopenings, and climate justice — these three issues are critical for a just recovery for our communities. As we reopen our schools and our economy, it is [...]

Brave Enough To Be It

Dear friends, This past week, we witnessed a momentous day in our country’s history — Joseph R. Biden’s swearing-in as the nation’s 46th President and our country’s first Black and Asian American [...]

New Year, Same Fights

Dear friends, Recent days have been filled with both amazing victories – wins by President-Elect Joe Biden and both Democratic U.S. Senate candidates in the Georgia runoff election – and major [...]

Assist and serve our communities

Dear friends, Together, we’ve been able to blunt the most extreme elements of the disastrous MBTA service cuts that had been planned for next year. Thank you to everyone who took action with the [...]

Forging Change

Dear friends, The recent Thanksgiving holiday looked different for many family gatherings across Massachusetts, and for nonprofit organizations and unions continuing our work to help local [...]

10 Reasons to Oppose MBTA Cuts

As the Fiscal Management and Control Board gears up to vote on the proposed cuts to the MBTA, our Public Transit Public Good coalition recently released a piece on why these cuts should be [...]

Protect the public good

Dear friends, This November’s election was a victory of our democracy, fueled by a racially diverse coalition of workers, young people, urban and suburban voters turning out in [...]

Stay Focused: Election Day and Beyond

Dear friends and allies, Many of you have done so much to get out the vote and make our voices heard in these historic elections. We are at crossroads in our democracy and the results of these [...]

The struggle to stay home

Dear friends and allies, Events in the news this week ranging from the increase in COVID-19 rates to national disputes over mail-in voting and the ruling to cut the U.S. [...]

Public services are public goods

Dear friends and allies, Our partners are taking bold steps throughout Massachusetts in response to the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic to working families. From Care That Works’ [...]

Weekly Update: Back to School

Dear friends and allies, Fall is approaching, and children, educators and workers are headed back to school. It’s a year unlike any other. The uncertainty caused by the combination of the [...]

Weekly Update: People over Profits.

Dear friends and allies, Our movement has a long history of supporting the Black Freedom Movement, and today we remember this as people march on Washington again on the anniversary of Dr. Martin [...]

Weekly Update: Organize. Vote.

Dear friends and allies, It feels like a lifetime ago that Massachusetts became one of the first coronavirus “hotspots” in the country. Since then, our broken system has been laid bare, only to [...]

Weekly Update: When We Fight, We Win

Dear friends and allies, When we fight, we win! That is what we learned when the Trump administration rescinded its blatant attack on international students who were being forced to choose [...]

Forum for The Public Good

On April 4, 2019, we came together on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in Memphis where he was supporting public sector workers on strike to demand racial and [...]

The Chelsea Project

This interview with Maria Belen Power, of Green Roots, was conducted and condensed by frank news. Photos by Haley Albert. Chelsea is the smallest and second most densely populated city in the [...]

Taking on wage theft in downtown

Boston, MA – On December 19th, members of our community joined forces with the Chinese Progressive Association for a rally in support of passing “An Act to Prevent Wage Theft and Promote [...]

2017 Salt of the Earth Awards

Our twelfth annual Salt of the Earth Awards ceremony was held on the evening of June 7th at InterContinental Boston. The event honored community members and organizations with a strong commitment [...]

The Privatization Playbook

Right-wing special interest groups’ privatization scheme to underfund public services causes funding gaps in education, healthcare and public transportation, impacting vital public [...]

“A Day Without Women” Rally

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, “A Day Without Women” is a national day of action that calls for pay equity, access to child care and affordable housing, and immigrant rights. On [...]

Boston People’s Inauguration March

BOSTON – Groups representing people of color, immigrants, women, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community planned a massive march in downtown Boston to coincide with the Presidential [...]

Shortchanged Workers Demand Back-Pay

NORWOOD, MA – Dozens of protesters, including workers who say they are owed more than $15,000 in back wages, gathered on Route 1 in Norwood on January 13 before marching on the offices of [...]

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