Organizing to build a future for everyone

Dear allies, Below you will find opportunities to engage and continue the fight on many issues that affect our communities and allies. Please spread the word by sharing [...]

Celebrating the growing power of workers everywhere

Dear allies, On Labor Day, we joined the Greater Boston Labor Council, community and union leaders, elected officials, and UNITE HERE Local 26 hotel for a breakfast, march, and rally honoring [...]

A stronger, more inclusive future

Dear allies,  Our public transit system is in crisis. There have been accidents, deaths, fires, understaffing, mismanagement, and now, disruptive shutdowns. Enough is enough! It’s time for [...]

Bringing back power to the people

Dear allies,  As we’re all leading the change we wish to see in our communities, we also want to elect leaders who are going to stand with working people, strengthen our movement, and fight [...]

A summer of progress for working people

Dear allies, As we approach the end of a summer filled with progress for working people here in Massachusetts and across the nation, we want to thank you all for your support, advocacy, and for [...]

Fight for the change our communities need

Dear allies, Thank you to all who have supported our work, to all who have answered the call to action, and to our partners who have helped us make it possible. Below you will find opportunities [...]

Honoring catalysts for positive change in our communities

Dear allies,  Thank you to our many friends and supporters who were able to attend the Salt of the Earth Awards this week. It was an evening of hope and deep appreciation for our shared [...]

Commemorating Juneteenth and celebrating our wins for working people

Dear allies,  We’re excited to celebrate Juneteenth! There are a number of engaging events, that have been organized in Boston this weekend, and we encourage you to participate! [...]

Historic investments in child care, transit equity, and environmental justice

Dear allies,  We are at an unprecedented moment in our nation’s history, as elected leaders are making historic investments toward rebuilding our nation. Federal funding dollars are crucial [...]