Weekly Update: Back to School

Dear friends and allies, Fall is approaching, and children, educators and workers are headed back to school. It’s a year unlike any other. The uncertainty caused by the combination of the [...]

Weekly Update: Working-Class Power Rising

Dear friends and allies, As we celebrate Labor Day on Monday by paying tribute to the contributions and achievements of workers, we must especially honor the hard work and commitment of frontline [...]

Weekly Update: People over Profits.

Dear friends and allies, Our movement has a long history of supporting the Black Freedom Movement, and today we remember this as people march on Washington again on the anniversary of Dr. Martin [...]

Weekly Update: Organize. Vote.

Dear friends and allies, It feels like a lifetime ago that Massachusetts became one of the first coronavirus “hotspots” in the country. Since then, our broken system has been laid bare, only to [...]

Weekly Update: Fighting to keep workers and our communities safe

Dear friends and allies, Working families across Massachusetts continue to struggle with difficult decisions about how to balance working and caring for our families — especially as many school [...]

Weekly Update: Safety and equity must be our top priorities

Dear friends and allies, Our communities have been ravaged by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet there have been many, including a few in our state, that have benefited from the crisis. [...]

Weekly Update: Let us rebuild our communities together

Dear friends and allies, During this past week, we saw a number of actions fighting to ensure that our communities recover safely from the impact of COVID-19. From guaranteed housing [...]

Weekly Update: Let us take back the narrative

Dear friends and allies, It is time we take back the narrative of “reopenings.” Our legislators are determining the well-being of our communities and we need to ensure that they hear our voices. [...]

Weekly Update: When We Fight, We Win

Dear friends and allies, When we fight, we win! That is what we learned when the Trump administration rescinded its blatant attack on international students who were being forced to choose [...]

Weekly Update: Our fight has just begun

Dear friends and allies, For the past few months, we have fought and won many protections for our workers and families. As Massachusetts looks to its third phase reopening, we must remember that [...]