Weekly Update: Let us fight for equality

Dear friends and allies, Our partners and allies are working tirelessly toward a #JustRecovery for all from COVID-19, and we continue to work alongside them to ensure that all workers are treated [...]

Weekly Update: Let’s fight for the world we know is possible

Dear friends, As we close out this week, we look back to reflect on the recent wins for our communities. The Supreme Court’s decision prohibiting discrimination at the workplace based on sexual [...]

Weekly Update: Through these protests and uprisings, we must build a new world

Dear allies and supporters, As the Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, we are proud to stand alongside our brothers and sisters who are fighting to eliminate systemic [...]

Weekly Update: We Stand Together. We Struggle Together. We Support the Liberation of Black People!

Dear friends, We stand with the Black community against systemic racism and police brutality. As we in the labor movement like to say, “an injury to one is an injury to us all.” Read [...]

Weekly Update: Reopening Mass. Must Ensure A Recovery For All

Dear allies and supporters, We hope that you had a safe and healthy week. As Massachusetts continues its four-phase reopening process, let’s take a moment to reflect on the pandemic’s [...]

Weekly Update: Reopening must center workers and hard hit communities

Dear allies and supporters, On Monday, Governor Baker announced his four-phase reopening plan for Massachusetts. This plan does not take into account those who are greatly affected by this [...]

Weekly Update: Join essential workers in their fight for a safe workplace

Dear allies and supporters, As we move toward a comprehensive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to be awestruck by the grit and hard work of our essential workers. We applaud them [...]

Weekly Update: Taking Action on May Day, Celebrate Mother’s Day and more

Dear allies and supporters, Every May Day — International Workers’ Day — we celebrate the legacy of our labor movement and the undying efforts of our leaders who have spent their [...]

Weekly Update: Take Action on May Day

Dear friends and supporters, We hope that you are staying safe during this pandemic. Every year, on May Day — International Workers’ Day — we celebrate workers by taking the streets. [...]